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Sign-up & Customize

Users can customize the alert topics they receive and the method they are received (text, email, or voice). Please review the City's Privacy Policy for additional information on data collection and use. Users can log into the City of Nelson's CivicReady system to change their settings, or to opt out at any time.

To Complete sign-up, confirm registration, or edit profile preference, click on the links below. If you attempt to login and it indicates you are already a member of the system, click on Already Signed-Up.

  1. Sign-Up for Alerts
  2. Validate Registration Prompt
  3. Already Signed-Up?
  4. Edit Profile Preferences

Register Your Account

Before completing signup, please review the information below on how to correctly Register Your Account. 

  1. On the form below, fill out the contact information at the top of the form.
  2. Select your preferred post language.
  3. From the groups drop-down, select the groups you would like to join. Note that all subscribers are automatically added to the Emergency Alert Subscribers group upon sign-up.
  4. Check or uncheck the method of delivery (Email, Text, or Voice) to specify how you would like to receive alerts.
  5. Press the Join button. You are now connected to the CivicReady system for the City of Nelson!